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Canadian experimental rock band, Do Make Say Think, originated in Toronto during 1995. They released their self-titled debut LP in 1997. Their instrumental rock music fuses the elements of jazz, punk, electronica and psychedelic rock. Instrumentation for their music includes drums, guitars, the violin and a variety of wind instruments. The groups prominent use of the bass guitar adds to their unique approach to rock music.

In all, Do Make Say Think has released no less than eight LPs and EPs. Their 2009 LP, Other Truths, includes four long-form tracks with three of them extending beyond ten minutes. The band contends that their sound is aimed at the discerning music enthusiast whose attention span surpasses that of the audiences that require immediate gratification and gimmicks. With a sound that is cerebral, atmospheric and organic, Do Make Say Think is an essential music experience for experimental rock enthusiasts worldwide.

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