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The Melvins are a rock band from Montesano, Washington that fuses experimental rock with grunge, sludge metal and hardcore punk. Founded in 1983, the band debuted its first album, Gluey Porch Treatments four years later. With little exposure to the mainstream press, they developed their own cult following as word of their unique and idiosyncratic style spread by reputation only. When the band's personal friend, Kurt Cobain, went international along with his band Nirvana, the Melvins also received acclaim by way of having influenced the sound of the climbing stars. Their fan base grew and their image as cutting-edge, experimental rock artists was cemented.

The Melvins released their most recent album, Freak Puke, was released in June 2012. They have developed a unique stage presence where they roll in hits from their past albums with new songs and experimental sounds. They are a must see show for grunge, rock, alternative and punk enthusiasts.

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