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Larry the Cable Guy is an American comedian, who first came to fame in the late 90's as a radio personality. The comedian has gained critical success for his live performances, television, and comedy albums. He is responsible for the catchphrase, "git er' done."

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Larry the Cable Guy Tickets

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Larry the Cable Guy's trademarks are "redneck"-style humor delivered while speaking in an affected thick Southern accent, recounting bizarre stories about his fictional family and the phrase "Git-R-Done!". Often during his acts, a woman in the audience yells out that she loves him. He usually responds by saying, "I told you to wait in the truck" - a line cribbed from Tom Waits.

In 2005, Larry the Cable Guy was featured in Gretchen Wilson's music video for the song "All Jacked Up", playing dual roles as himself and a transvestite bar patron.