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Jermain Taylor is a semi-retired American professional boxer and undisputed world middleweight boxing champion. He debuted in 2001, winning his first 25 fights. He has a record of twenty-eight wins, four losses, and one draw. has supplied preferred seating and difficult to obtain tickets for all Sports, Theatre, and Concert events worldwide for 25 years.

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Since early in his professional career, Jermain Taylor had been touted by many as being the heir apparent to middleweight king Bernard Hopkins. Jermain Taylor dominated all of his opponents at the beginning of his career. In February 2005, Jermain Taylor defeated the previously unbeaten Daniel Edouard via TKO in round 3. With this win, he earned a title bout against Hopkins, who had unified the four major world middleweight titles and was rated by Ring Magazine as the #1 "pound for pound" boxer in the world. Get ringside and order your Jermain Taylor Tickets online today!

Jermain Taylor fought Hopkins for the undisputed middleweight championship July 16, 2005. Jermain Taylor was more active than the slow-starting Hopkins early in the fight, winning the early rounds by using his jab and power punches. Although Hopkins gradually became more active and maintained his dominating defense, Taylor continued to fight aggressively and won some of the middle rounds. In the last four rounds, however, Hopkins became the aggressor and battered Jermain Taylor, shrinking his lead on the scorecards. Nonetheless, Jermain Taylor survived the late surge and won the fight by close split decision to become the new undisputed middleweight champion.

The split decision was considered to be controversial by Hopkins and his fans. One judge, Duane Ford, awarded the twelfth round to Jermain Taylor, however if Ford had awarded it to Hopkins, then the fight would have been a draw. Hopkins argued that the decision was extremely controversial, however the boxing commission decided that the twelfth round could have been scored either way. As listed in the original contract, Hopkins and his promoters would receive a rematch if Jermain Taylor won the first fight.

On December 3, 2005, Jermain Taylor won the rematch against Hopkins by a unanimous decision. Furthermore, he had vacated his IBF title in order to make this fight happen. Overall, far fewer people considered this fight's decision as controversial as the first, even though Hopkins once again won many of the punch statistics. To some fans, this second win proved that Jermain Taylor's youth had conquered (some using the term "dethroned") the aging legend.

On June 17, 2006, Jermain Taylor faced off against the number one contender, Winky Wright. In a great, close fight, the judges scored it 115-113, Winky winning one and Jermain Taylor the other, and the final judge scoring it a 114-114 draw. The match displayed a contrast of styles; Winky used his peek-a-boo style to force Jermain Taylor into the corners where he had advantage. Jermain Taylor used his power punches to fight his way out of the corners, in an attempt to keep the fight in the middle of the ring where he was able to outwork Wright. Due to the draw decision, Jermain Taylor retained his title.