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Charlie Sheen is an American actor and entertainer. He is the son of famous actor, Martin Sheen, and brother to actor, Emilio Estevez. He has had major roles in film and television. He most recently starred in the hit television show, "Two and a Half Men."

Sheen has become an internet sensation after a recent dispute with CBS that resulted in the termination of his "Two and a Half Men" contract. Sheen has been outspoken in the media regarding this and other sordid incidents. According to Sheen himself, his live show "is where you will hear the real story from the Warlock."

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Are You Kidding Me?

Elizabeth (1)
This guy is sick. He's an alcoholic and a drug addict. All you have to do is listen to him to know that he's delusional and incredibly egotistical . I think he honestly believes that he is God's gift to the universe. I personally wouldn't waste my money on his show. He's an abusive husband and although he's probably a good father I wouldn't trust him with my kids. As far as I'm concerned there isn't a rating low enough for Charlie Sheen. He needs help and I hope that he knows that and gets himself to a good treatment center.
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