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Evil Deal: The Musical is here and it brings all of the gore and horror from the original films live to the stage. Fans in the first few rows can even enjoy the "splatter zone" where patrons can count on a good blood-soaking.

Evil Dead: The Musical is based on the stories from the first and second films. The first film, released in 1981, was written and directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. It is considered a classic of the genre. See Ash Williams battle the zombies live from the best seats in the house and order your Evil Dead: The Musical Tickets online today!

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Evil Dead: The Musical Tickets continued.

Evil Dead: The Musical Tickets

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Evil Dead: The Musical Tickets Continued

Evil Dead: The Musical follows the same plot as the original films. Five college students venture into the Tennessee woods to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin. Instead, the teenagers find grief in the form of the Book of the Dead otherwise known as the Morturom Demonto (or Necronomicon in the sequels). They find and play a tape recording of demonic incantations from the book, unwittingly resurrecting the slumbering demons that thirst for revenge. The characters are then possessed by the evil force in sequences of intense, bloody violence. The ensuing events consist mainly of the last survivor, Ash Williams, being tortured by the powers of the spirits -- with blood spontaneously dripping from the walls and ceiling, and clocks going berserk. The film ends with a graphic but dramatic disintegration of the possessed ones as the book is thrown into the fireplace. The final scene of the story, which takes place at the break of dawn, shows an evil spirit bearing down on Ash.