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Tarzan is the musical adapted for Broadway from the thirty-seventh animated feature in the Disney animated features canon. The film is based upon the Tarzan of the Apes series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The king of the jungle is now king of the stage, so get your Tarzan Tickets today and swing onto Broadway to see the show of a lifetime.

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Tarzan Tickets

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Tarzan is the touching story of a boy raised out of his element. Off the coast of Africa, a father lowers his wife and infant son off a burning ship and then evacuates himself. They arrive on Africa and build themselves a treehouse. Meanwhile, a gorilla couple (Kerchak and Kala) lose their son to a leopard named Sabor. As they move to another nest area, Kala hears an infant crying and follows it back to the treehouse. She investigates it and sees it ransacked and the mother and father lying dead in the corner. Kala finds the human baby and adopts him. She brings him back to her people and names the child Tarzan.

Tarzan lives happily in the jungle until one day other humans arrive and he learns more about his past and who he is.