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Vancouver loves its Canucks! Cheer on the boys in blue, green and white with the raucous crowd at Rogers Arena! Led by all-time franchise scoring leader Henrik Sedin, the Canucks are always a contender in the NHL's western conference, having won five straight Northwest Division titles (2008-2013) and two consecutive President's Trophies (2011-2012).

Join Canucks Nation and catch every slick pass, thrilling goal and jaw-dropping save as the boys pursue Lord Stanley - buy your Vancouver Canucks Tickets today!

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David 3 months ago
I had wanted to bring my 2 daughters with me to a playoff game, wanted to be assured of being able to go, and was busy when tickets were going on sale. Furthermore, 3 tickets can be a hassle to get after-market. I've used Showtime Tickets in the past, and when a good rate for upper bowl tickets was posted, I quickly committed. They did not disappoint (and neither did the game). We were able to drop by and pick up the tickets on the way, and got great value from it. It was a real treat for my daughters.
Pi Jo 3 months ago
April 14, 2015, I suddenly had the urge to go and watch the April 15 Canucks playoff game against the Calgary Flames. But for that to happen, I need tickets! Did a quick search online and found two tickets on offer by Showtime tickets and the going rate was unbelievably cheap [for a hockey playoff game]. After buying them online a few minutes later, I suddenly started to have 'pangs of doubt'... Why? Tickets seemed too cheap and easy to get seeing as the game was only about 12 hours away. But there was no need to fret because Show time delivered as per their promise!! First, they sent me an email the following day to let me know that the tickets were ready to be picked up and second. the gentleman in the Vancouver officer was jovial, friendly and generally pleasant to deal with! Thank you Showtime and even though you were not aware of my doubts, I would like to extend my apologies to you for being a bit dubious.
kevinmad 3 months ago
I got my tickets through Showtime. It was very easy and they were very helpful when I had questions. Had a blast in my first ever NHL playoff game! The in-person experience was surreal.
chanmcc 3 months ago
Had a great time at the game despite the canucks loss. Showtime staff were super helpful and timely in getting me my tickets and I have already purchased some for Game 2 through them!
Jennnnnnnr 6 months ago
Awesome game, amazing seats (5th row from the ice!). Thank you Showtime for the great tickets and hastle free process!
Penny More than 1 year ago
What a great deal, received an email from showtime tickets for Canuck's tickets at 50% off and they were solid tickets (upper balcony row 2!). Ended up having an awesome time at the game - I don't get to go too often so many thanks!
kbelgiorgio More than 1 year ago
My first Canucks game living in Vancouver and it was amazing. Even though the seats were up in the balcony it was a great view of the whole arena. Lots of energy and 3 goals scored, wow.
cana More than 1 year ago
Michael at Showtime gave us an awesome upgrade to club seats. Fantastic service from them, plus our boys won, so overall, a great experience.
eveline More than 1 year ago
Thank You Showtime for YET another good game, good seats, good view!!!!I shall see you soon! Thanks Again. Eddie
Beverley Elliott More than 1 year ago
Outstanding game even though the Canucks lost in a shootout..Outstanding players on both teams..Great seats just about anywhere in Rogers Arena...Looking forward to the upcoming Vancouver/Chicago game... CTE
Cana Hoang More than 1 year ago
The tickets were such a good price, and the people that I spoke to at Showtime Tickets were friendly and helpful. I ended using the agency for other guests at the hotel that I worked at for the same game. A+
philip.feng More than 1 year ago
First time using showtime, great price for seats. Took three of my friends to last night's game, one of them was his first Canucks game. Unfortunately, the Canucks lost in a shootout but it was fun. Would definitely use showtime again and recommend other's to try it as well.
Mandhir More than 1 year ago
was not expecting an upgrade but was pleasantly surprised when i got one and the tickets we were given were some of the best seats ive ever sat in!!!
MFC More than 1 year ago
Awesome seats at a great price. Took my friend to his first canucks game and he loved it. It's early into the season, but the Torterella system looks pretty good.
Bev Rosch-Goodwein More than 1 year ago
Had a great time at Canuck game.Went to get our tickets early in the morning and they had them ready for us and gave us a great upgrade.Thanks show time will definitely use you again.
eyrianone More than 1 year ago
First time I've personally used you guys although I work with you via the hotel that I run. You suggested paying a little more at pickup time to upgrade my seats, and the seats you got me were amazing. So close to the ice and the players. I was taking my assistant for her birthday and she had a wonderful night - thanks to you guys. I will totally use you guys again:)
dannyups More than 1 year ago
Great game to watch, even though they lost. It was really exciting to see a Canuck playoff game with my 7 year old daughter (her first). It will be a great memory for both of us. We both got our faces painted in Canuck colours and had a great time. I would be happy to recommend your services at any time to anyone. Staff were great and the location is very convenient. Thanks again!
LAIT Students More than 1 year ago
Bought the tickets the night before from, went to their store in Vancouver to pick up the tickets an hour before the game. Super smooth process and the sales clerk was friendly too. The game was a lost but the whole experience was great.
KevinMHC More than 1 year ago
I want to thank Felix and his team at ShowTimeTickets for allowing me to attend such an epic game. It was my first time attending a winning home game and the feeling was indescribable. Watching Daniel surpassing Naslund's record was undoubtedly the highlight of my night. Thank you ShowTimeTickets for the great time! :D
mzizek More than 1 year ago
Thank you ShowTime Tickets. As an Executive Assistant I often get tasks that most people would consider "impossible". But you turn the impossible, into the possible when it comes to entertainment. I can always look to ShowTime ticket for last minute tickets and entertainment options, whether it be sporting events or concerts, I know I can find something for our VIP guests and employees. And with a wide selection of ticket options and price points I can meet whatever budget I am given. Thank you for making my job easier!
rageguy More than 1 year ago
Went to Showtime Tickets to pick up the tickets. Was offered very competitive rates for ticket upgrades at the office. At the end, the rates I paid were LOWER than the face value! Talk about a deal!
konetsystems More than 1 year ago
Best Ticket got from Show TIme, originally, i was sitting way up on top balcony , but when i pick up the tickets the sales rep told me they got a lower bowl row 10 for only $40 more per ticket! (these tickets will probably sold for over double the price @ else where) so I paid for the upgrade and watch the best CANCUCKS 7 to 4 Nashville game ever! Thanks Show Time.
jennifer breukercootes More than 1 year ago
I have purchased ticket through Showtime twice now and both times it was very easy the tickets were ready early they were great to deal with. We had great seats end of the row in the corner and the game was awesome.
dennispillipow More than 1 year ago
I got 5 fantastic seats all together less than a week from the game. The canucks kicked some serious butt!! Thanks SHOWTIMETICKETS>COM
Christopher More than 1 year ago
The Washington Capitals only come to the west coast every two years to play the Vancouver Canucks, and my brother was visiting from Williams Lake, so decided to splurge on Plaza Best seats... It was the best game I've been to @ Rogers Arena, two highly talented teams tied @ 4-4 going into the 3rd, where Vancouver blew them out of the water with 3 more beautiful goals to make a 7-4 victory statement against one of the best teams in the league.

Vancouver Canucks Tickets Information

In the 11-12 season, Vancouver placed first overall in the NHL regular season standings for the second straight year. The playoffs came to a disappointing finish for the Canucks when they lost to the Los Angeles Kings, who went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Be there in person to cheer on your Vancouver Canucks, as they look to dominate the Northwest Division. The Canucks are looking to go all the way this year, with All star Goalie Roberto Luongo's, virtually unstoppable play in net. Don't miss the Canucks take on such classic hard hitting rivals as the neighboring Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers or Minnesota Wild.

Get in on all the action during this year's Vancouver Canucks NHL season as Vancouver's all-star team takes on some of the toughest competitors in the league. Secure your tickets for the first home game this year or be there to cheer for your favorite team live when they stroll into town!

This year's NHL schedule sees the Canucks taking on all the best teams in the league once more. Watch the Canucks play such tough heavy-hitters as the Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils in the East or Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks in the West.

Be sure to also catch the Canucks as they play some of their most important games against division rivals in the North West. The Northwest match ups throughout the season see the Canucks taking on the Minnesota Wild, the Colorado Avalanche, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers.

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