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Jurassic 5 is a six-piece hip hop group that was formed in 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Jurassic 5 debuted for TVT Records in 1995 with a single "Unified Rebelution". Their acclaimed position in the 1990s alternative hip hop movement, alongside artists including Company Flow, Black Star and Kool Keith, was confirmed when the Jurassic 5 EP was released in December 1997.

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Jurassic 5's tracks harked back to the old school attitude of New York's Native Tongues Posse, the seminal late 1980s coalition of artists who reaffirmed rap's social agenda, which included De La Soul, the Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest. This was evident on the song "Concrete Schoolyard" ("Let's take it back to the concrete streets/Original beats from real live MCs"), and the album even provided Jurassic 5 with a surprise UK Top 40 single when it reached number 35 in November 1998. The other stand-out track, "Jayou", was built around a hypnotic flute loop from Pleasure Web's "Music Man Part 1".

Jurassic 5 have toured with Cut Chemist and are planning a new album in late 2006.