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Diana Krall is a popular Canadian jazz pianist and singer. She was born into a musical family in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She began learning the piano at age four, and her playing eventually attracted the attention of bass player Ray Brown, who brought her into touch with influential teachers and producers. She released her first album, Stepping Out, in 1993.

In December 2003, Diana Krall married Elvis Costello. Under his influence, she started to write and compose on her own; together they made an album, The Girl in the Other Room, which was released in April 2004 and quickly rose to the Top 5 in the UK and made the Australian top 40 album charts. "Temptation", a cover of the Tom Waits song off his Frank's Wild Years album of 1987, reached number 1 of the World Jazz Charts (based on the US, Germany, France, Japan and China) and reached the US Top 40 on the pop charts.

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