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Ani DiFranco (born September 23, 1970) is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. Ani DiFranco is known as a prolific artist, having released at least one album every year since 1990, with the exception of 2000. Ani DiFranco also has with a devoted cult following and is seen by many as a feminist icon. Ani DiFranco took time off from touring due to tendonitis in 2005 but began touring again in spring of 2006.

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Ani DiFranco was born in Buffalo, New York to a Jewish American mother and an Italian-American father. She was the daughter of two folk music loving parents, started playing Beatles' covers at local bars and busking with her guitar teacher at the age of nine. In 1989, Ani DiFranco started her own record company, Righteous Babe Records, with just $50 and recorded Ani DiFranco, issued in the winter of 1990. Later on she relocated to New York City and toured vigorously.

Much of Ani DiFranco's material is autobiographical, in the personal lyric tradition of the singer-songwriter. Many of her songs are also strongly political, concerned with contemporary social issues such as racism, sexism, sexual abuse, homophobia, reproductive rights, poverty and war. The combination of these two characteristics in Ani DiFranco's music is partially responsible for the early popularity she enjoyed among politically active college students, some of whom set up fan pages on the web to document her career as early as 1994.

Ani DiFranco's music has been classified as folk rock and alternative rock, but since her early albums she has reached across genres, having collaborated with a wide range of artists including pop musician Prince and folk musician Utah Phillips. In various songs and albums, she has used a variety of instruments and styles ranging from brass, notably in 1998's Little Plastic Castle, and strings, particularly noticeable on the live album Living in Clip and the recent Knuckle Down. She has also experimented with electronics and synths as seen on her latest studio recording, Reprieve.

Ani DiFranco's latest and 18th album, entitled Reprieve, was released in 2006. She will be touring throughout the year to promote her new material.