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Deep Purple is the name of a British rock group. They took their name from a song composed by Peter De Rose. Deep Purple is one of the first and most famous hard rock bands. They are considered pioneers of heavy metal and have been cited as influences on many heavy metal bands, though Deep Purple have never considered themselves of this genre.

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In October 1968, Deep Purple had tremendous success in the US with a cover of Joe South's "Hush", taken from their debut album Shades of Deep Purple, and they were duly booked to support Cream on their Goodbye tour. In 1969, two more albums followed - The Book of Taliesyn and Deep Purple, the latter of which contained a symphony orchestra on some tracks.

Shortly after the orchestral release, Deep Purple began a hectic touring and recording schedule that was to see little respite for the next three years. Their first studio album, released in mid-1970, was Deep Purple In Rock and contained concert staples "Speed King" and "Child in Time". The band also issued the UK Top Ten single "Black Night". A second album, the slightly more mellow and progressive, Fireball, was issued in 1971. Deep Purple also scored another chart hit with "Strange Kind Of Woman". Together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple were laying the groundwork for what is now called heavy metal music, although at the time, the phrase was still to be coined. Due to tensions within the band, Deep Purple broke up in the 1970s. Subsequently, most of the past members of Deep Purple would go on to have considerable success in a number of other bands, including Rainbow, Whitesnake and Gillan, while there were a number of promoter-led attempts to get the band to reform, which were effective in the mid-80s. The band continued to tour and record through the late-80s and 90s.

In 2003, Deep Purple released their first studio album in five years, the highly praised Bananas, and began touring in support of the album immediately. In October of 2005, the band's 37th year, Deep Purple released Rapture of the Deep, which, although recorded in just a few weeks, proved to be the most progressive and adventurous album for many years, and it is being followed by yet another extensive world tour.