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His Name Is Alive is a band from Livonia, Michigan, and is essentially the personal project of musician Warren Defever. Defever began recording as His Name Is Alive in 1986, inspired by experimental artists such as Eddie Cochran, King Tubby, Jimi Hendrix, Leadbelly and Cocteau Twins. Over the years, the band has released numerous albums, often experimenting with switching style and music genre.

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Livonia, His Name Is Alive's first album, was released in 1990. The next year, in 1991, saw the release of His Name Is Alive's second album, Home Is In Your Head. Here, Defever moved from the ethereal atmospherics of Livonia to sparser arrangements. The album Mouth By Mouth appeared in 1993 featured a more rock sound, in contrast to the acoustic sound of earlier efforts.

In 1996, after three years of recording, Stars On E.S.P. was released. On this album, the band changed styles yet again, providing songs influenced by oldies and surf-rock. His Name Is Alive's 1998 album Ft. Lake was similar, but new vocalist Lovetta Pippen contributed three soul-influenced tracks "No Hiding Place", "Wishing Ring" and "Everything Takes Forever".

In recent years, His Name Is Alive has been touring and releasing albums on independent labels.