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Jefferson Starship is a reincarnation of the band Jefferson Airplane, an American rock band from San Francisco that was a pioneer of the LSD-influenced psychedelic rock movement. During the 70s, the name Jefferson Starship first appeared with a recording that included members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Grateful Dead and some remaining members of Jefferson Airplane.

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Jefferson Starship Tickets

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In the first Jefferson Starship album, Blows Against the Empire, Paul Kantner and Grace Slick (members from the original Jefferson Airplane) sang about a group of people escaping earth in a hijacked starship. In 1971, the album was nominated for the prestigious science fiction prize, the Hugo Award, a rare honor for a musical recording.

Jefferson Starship went through many changes over the years with various bands breaking off from itself and the original Jefferson Airplane. One of the bands that branched off the group was Hot Tuna.

Jefferson Starship has reunited and play concert tours frequently.