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Ladytron is a contemporary electropop band from Liverpool, England. The band take their name from the song "Ladytron" by Bryan Ferry. Ladytron's lyrics are of a somewhat obscure nature, mostly dominated by banal images and snippets of everyday life and sometimes written in Bulgarian by Bulgarian band member Mira Aroyo. Albums so far have focused on a balance between pop structures and a retro sound.

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Ladytron has been classified as electroclash by music journalists and, as is typical for that genre, live performances include live guitars and a drummer along with the electronics. Despite their classification, Ladytron are notable for not using sampling on their records or in their shows, instead playing everything live using synthesizers. Their album Witching Hour saw a beefing up of their sound, leading the album to be described by Pitchfork as a "quantum leap record".

Originally, Ladytron were known to perform in monochromatic military uniform-inspired outfits of black or olive drab, lending an edge of simplicity and asexuality to their stage presence. Since the release of Witching Hour, the band seems to have abandoned military chic in favour of futuristic, Blade Runner-inspired fashions. Marnie and Aroyo have tended to wear futuristic, goth-style dresses while Wu and Hunt wear T-shirts and jeans.