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Lamb of God is a five-piece American groove metal/metalcore band from Richmond, Virginia, formerly known as "Burn The Priest." They are well known for their incredibly fast riffs, extremely quick double-kicking and growly vocals. The group's style is generally considered a mix hybrid of metalcore and thrash metal along with some death metal influences.

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Lamb of God's playing is fast and quite technical, with particular elements such as palm-muted riffs and non-standard song structures. Their lyrical themes tend to cover politics and capitalism ("As the Palaces Burn"), American history ("In Defense of Our Good Name"), War ("Ashes of the Wake"), Religion ("Ruin", "Vigil"), Substance abuse ("11th Hour", "Pariah") and various other topics.

After two well-received releases, New American Gospel and As The Paleces Burn, the band signed a new recording contract with Epic Records in late 2003. Their first release for the label, Ashes Of The Wake, debuted at No.27 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and has sold around 250,000 copies in the US to date.

As of 2006, Lamb of God has announced a re-release of their debut album, New American Gospel. They will also be touring with Slayer.