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Little River Band (also known as LRB) is an Australian rock music band. The band was formed in Melbourne, and named for the Victorian township of Little River, near Geelong. The Little River Band's original members were Glenn Shorrock (vocals), Ric Formosa, Beeb Birtles (guitar), Graham Goble (guitar), Roger McLachlan (bass) and Derek Pellicci (drums).

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Little River Band Tickets

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Little River Band are considered to be among Australia's most significant bands. The "classic lineup" of the band (Birtles, Shorrock, Goble, Pellicci, Briggs and McArdle) were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame at the 18th Annual ARIA Music Awards of 2004. They also performed "Help Is On Its Way" that night.

"Reminiscing", written by Goble, was recognised by BMI as one of the most frequently played songs in the history of American radio, with more than four million plays to its credit. "Lady" has also accumulated more than two million plays, and Goble is the first and only Australian songwriter ever to win four "Million Air" awards from BMI. According to Albert Goldman's biography, John Lennon named "Reminiscing" as one of his favorite songs of all time.