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Loudon Wainwright III (born September 5, 1946 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina) is an American songwriter, folk singer, humorist and actor. Loudon Wainwright III is best known for a 1972 novelty song hit "Dead Skunk (in the Middle of the Road)", and for playing Captain Spalding on three episodes of the American television show M*A*S*H, but his musical reputation is much deeper.

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Using a witty, self-mocking style and unusual, high-pitched voice, Loudon Wainwright III has made a number of albums, two of which were nominated for Grammy awards. His son Rufus Wainwright and daughter Martha Wainwright by his onetime marriage to Canadian singer/songwriter Kate McGarrigle, are both singer/songwriters as well.

Loudon Wainwright III has claimed that, like many of his contemporaries, he was inspired musically by seeing Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in 1962. He was one of many young folksingers tagged as the "new Dylan" in the early 1970s.