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Megadeth is an American speed/thrash metal band led by Dave Mustaine. The group was formed in 1983, disbanded in 2002, and reformed in 2004. Aside from Megadeth's unmistakable guitar style, there are several recurring lyrical themes across their albums. War and military themes - particularly nuclear war - is a common theme for many of the band's songs.

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Dude! They were epic!

Austin (1)
Megadeth AND Slayer in the same concert?!?! One of the best shows I've ever been to! But the opening acts were just alright. Not hating on them, but everyone was there for Megadeth and Slayer, not Suicide Silence...
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In November 1986 they released their second album, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, which is regarded by many critics as Megadeth's finest hour and a ground-breaking thrash metal album. Better production and more sophisticated songwriting earned Megadeth immense respect and cemented their place alongside Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax in the "Big Four of Thrash".

In July 1992, Megadeth released the album Countdown to Extinction. It became an instant hit, reached #2 on the Billboard album charts, and went multi-platinum. The album featured noticeably simpler song structures, catchy melodic "hooks," and an increased emphasis on the singer's voice. Megadeth, however, successfully integrated these changes into their typical cynical, ironic and heavily political lyrical themes. Arguably, the album was Megadeth's first true attempt at breaking into the mainstream rock market in which they had never gained a major foothold. Although the album was nominated for a grammy, Nine Inch Nails took home the award for Wish.

The Blackmail The Universe World Tour, running from late 2004 until late 2005 (with a staggered touring schedule), proved to be a true 'comeback' and return to form for Megadeth, and their first large scale tour for several years. In July 2005, the band released a greatest hits record entitled Back to the Start: Greatest Hits.