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Of Montreal is an American indie pop band from Athens, Georgia, fronted by Kevin Barnes. The group released their tenth studio album, False Priest, in 2010.

Of Montreal is planning the release of their eleventh sudio album, Paralytic Stalks, for February, 2012.

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Of Montreal's style has been known to change between albums. At first, the band embraced a more simple, quirky, lo-fi indie pop sound, which occasionally bordered on twee pop. As time progressed, the band moved to a fuller sound, as seen on the concept albums The Gay Parade and its follow-up Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse. These albums contain more narrative lyrics, as opposed to the rather personal lyrical matter of those preceding it, and often imitating the style of old 1950s radio plays.