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Our Lady Peace, colloquially known as OLP, is a Canadian alternative rock band consisting of Raine Maida, Duncan Coutts, Jeremy Taggart, and Steve Mazur. Their music explores often deep intellectual and emotional themes with powerful orchestration and the unique singing voice of lead vocalist Maida, called "strange" and "paranoid."

The group released their eighth album, Curve, in April 2012. The band will be performing on tour this summer with I Mother Earth this fall.

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Our Lady Peace was founded in 1992 when Mike Turner placed a "musicians wanted" ad in a Toronto newspaper. Responding first was Michael (Raine) Maida, a criminology student at the University of Toronto. Later, 17-year-old Jeremy Taggart and Chris Eacrett joined the band. Eacrett left in 1995, replaced by Duncan Coutts. Turner left in 2001, replaced by Steve Mazur. Jamie Edwards, a keyboardist, would join in 1996 and leave in 2002, shortly after Turner left.

Our Lady Peace first won recognition with their debut album Naveed, released in Canada in 1994 and the United States in 1995. Their second album, Clumsy, was released in 1997 and included the tracks "Clumsy", "4 AM", "Superman's Dead", "Carnival" and "Automatic Flowers". These hits established Our Lady Peace as a leading band in 1990s rock music in Canada and a notable group internationally.

The band had a string of albums released in the early 2000s that sold well but received heavy criticism for the change to a more "mainstream" sound.

In 2005, Our Lady Peace released their sixth album, Healthy in Paranoid Times. The band disclosed that during the making of this album, they nearly broke up. The group took part at the Canadian Live 8 concert in Barrie, ON on July 2nd, 2005.