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Pink Floyd (formed in 1965 in Cambridge, England) is an English rock band, noted for progressive compositions, philosophic lyrics, sonic experimentation, cover art, and elaborate live shows. The group is one of rock music's most successful acts, believed to have sold an estimated 73.5 million albums in the U.S., and 175 to 200 million albums worldwide.

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Pink Floyd Tickets

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Pink Floyd enjoyed moderate success in the late 1960s as a psychedelic band led by Syd Barrett. Barrett was eventually replaced by guitarist David Gilmour and the band went on to record several elaborate concept albums, achieving worldwide success with 1973's Dark Side of the Moon, 1975's Wish You Were Here and 1979's The Wall, some of the best-selling and most enduringly popular albums in rock music history.

In 1985, bassist Roger Waters left the band only to rejoin them on 2 July 2005 at the London Live 8 concert, playing to Pink Floyd's biggest audience ever.