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Roger McGuinn (born July 13, 1942) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, born James Joseph McGuinn III in Chicago, Illinois. McGuinn is best known for being the lead singer on many of the Byrds' hit records and lead guitarist of the Byrds, the pioneering folk-rock band of the 1960s contributing much to the band's unique sound.

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During his time with the Byrds, McGuinn developed two innovative and highly influential styles of electric guitar playing: the so-called "jingle-jangle" - generating ringing arpeggios based on banjo fingerpicking styles - and a merging of saxophonist John Coltrane's free-jazz atonalities (harmolodics) with the drone of the Indian sitar, a style of playing first heard on the Byrds' 1966 single "Eight Miles High".

Indeed, McGuinn's technique on the guitar is one of the most recognizable sounds in rock 'n' roll. The sounds he emitted during his tenure with the band are the kind that make rock critics scramble for adjectives like "jangly" and "chiming." The words fit: his tones are clear and resonant, and the comparison to bells is not far off.

Roger McGuinn has used the World Wide Web to continue the folk tradition since November 1995 by recording a different folk song each month on his Folk Den site. The songs are made available from his web site and a selection (with guest vocalists) was released on CD as Treasures from the Folk Den. In November 2005 McGuinn released a four-CD box set containing one hundred of his favorite songs from the Folk Den.