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Sonic Youth is a rock group formed in New York City in 1981. In their early career, Sonic Youth were associated with the No Wave art and music scene in New York City, but have outlasted most associated bands. Their music has since been described as "punk". They have found moderate mainstream success and are generally seen as one of the leading alternative rock groups of their time.

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Initially inspired by the noise experimentation of Glenn Branca as well as the heavy garage rock of The Stooges and the noise experimentation of The Velvet Underground, they were known for using a variety of unorthodox guitar tunings, and for applying screwdrivers or other preparations to guitars to alter the instruments' timbre.

Members of Sonic Youth have released books of poetry and prose (a beatnik influence is evident in both their writing and lyrics), produced films, staged shows of visual art and more. There is also an abundance of musical material recorded and/or performed with other artists and side-projects. Some prominent jam band musicians have long noted the influence of Sonic Youth; in the Phish documentary "Bittersweet Motel", a Sonic Youth poster can be seen in the band's recording studio.