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Testament (formerly known as Legacy) is an American thrash metal band from California formed in 1983. Being one of the more influential American thrash metal bands, they were perhaps the most popular band of that scene to not break into the mainstream.

Testament has two Top 40 albums and one Top 50 album to its credit in the UK. Their 1999 album The Gathering also entered the Top 50 in Germany. Band members include Chuck Billy (vocals), Eric Peterson (guitar), Alex Skolnick (guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Nick Barker (drums). The band is planning on releasing a new album in 2007. Order your Testament Tickets online today!

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Testament's first album, The Legacy, was released in 1987 on Megaforce Records. It is a concise and technical album of vintage thrash metal, still referred to as a classic by many fans of the genre. Testament received instant fame within thrash circles and were often compared with fellow bay-area thrash pioneers Metallica. The band quickly managed to increase their exposure by heading out on a successful tour of America and Europe with Anthrax, who were then touring in support of their Among the Living album. The next album, The New Order, was released in 1988, and found the band continuing in a similar vein. After another successful world tour the band headed back into the studio to record Practice What You Preach. Released in 1989, the album was an extremely focused effort that minimized the occult and gothic themes found on their first two albums, instead focusing on real-life issues such as politics and corruption. It was the band's most popular album to date.

The band has gone through some lineup changes throughout the years, but has consistently released new albums. They are expected to be releasing an album of new material in 2007.