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The Blood Brothers are an experimental post-hardcore band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1997. The Blood Brothers defy the normal expectations of a band in a number of ways, notably that they have two dedicated lead vocalists. The genre the band falls into has been described as rock, experimental, punk and hardcore, among many others.

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The Blood Brothers Tickets

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The Blood Brothers' style of guitar playing has greatly changed over time, most notably between the heavy, dischordant sound of the album ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn and the minimalist lead lines of Crimes, where the energy of the drums and vocals tends to make up for the lack of thick distortion. The vocalists' voices range from the slurred, venomous drawl on This Adultery Is Ripe to the high-pitched squeals heard on Crimes, while maintaiing a low, robust ferocity throughout.

Bandmembers in The Blood Brothers are also in a variety of side projects including Neon Blonde and Head Wound City, the latter also featuring members of The Locust and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.