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Thrice is an American experimental hardcore band that formed in Irvine, California in 1998. In 1999, Thrice self-released an EP called First Impressions, of which only 1,000 copies were made and sold out of their cars. Thrice has since released numerous records and toured extensively across North America and the world, garnering them a large fan base.

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In 2003, Thrice signed up with Island Records and released The Artist in the Ambulance, which featured more structured songs while keeping true to their hardcore influences. The band's recent work has noticeably diverged from its metal and hardcore roots.

Thrice released their fourth full-length album, Vheissu, on October 18, 2005. Vheissu features a bit of a departure from their previous sound by introducing electronics and new instruments - namely a Rhodes Piano - that they hadn't used before this album. Another notable sound of the album is the lesser amount of a metal / hardcore style of guitar playing, but more of a variation in the vocals. The album as a whole is very emotional and haunting in both it's message and it's harmonies. Vheissu is hailed by critics as far more mature album than Thrice's previous records.

The band embarked on a tour in fall 2005 to garner support for Vheissu with Underoath, The Bled and Veda. Thrice also toured as part of the multi-band Taste of Chaos tour. Touring in the UK with Coheed and Cambria garnered the group many more fans, as well as providing a basis for a new live video of "The Earth Will Shake". The band is currently working on their next album as well as various solo projects.