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Travis is a British alternative rock band from Scotland, named after the main character in the movie Paris, Texas, directed by Wim Wenders. Travis have amassed a number of hits in the United Kingdom, including "Driftwood", "Sing", "Turn", "Side", and festival favourite "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?". On July 2, 2005, Travis performed at Live 8's London concert.

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The band are particularly notable in that even at the height of their fame, much of the public were unaware of the band's members (many members of the public believed that Travis was the name of the lead singer), despite knowing many of their songs. This reflects the band's feeling that they are less important than their music, and was the rationale behing the naming of their third album, The Invisible Band.

They made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic in 2000 when performing a cover of Britney Spears' single "...Baby One More Time" live at the Glastonbury Festival. The song is featured as a B-side on their single "Turn" as they did with many other songs they recorded. In fact there are more B-side tracks than there are album tracks, up to the point that Travis usually issue two CDs for each single, each issue including different B-side tracks.