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Katt Williams is an American comedian, rapper and actor. Williams got his big break in the summer of 1999, when he won Cedric the Entertainer's Anheuser-Busch Best Los Angeles Comics award. This propelled him into the role of Money Mike in the 2002 film Friday after Next. After achieving success in comedy, Katt Williams began to focus on his music career. To date, he has collaborated with many musicians, including with Outkast on Roses and with Ludacris on Pimpin' All Over the World.

Katt Williams also has an impressive portfolio of movie roles. He has starred in over ten movies, including Friday after Next with Ice Cube, Norbit and Epic Movie. He was also a regular on Nick Cannon's hit show Wild N' Out. Katt Williams also has several standup television specials, titled Katt Williams Live and The Pimp Chronicles Part One. Katt Williams' stand-up routine features a hilarious outlook on pop culture and life from an African-American comedy perspective. He often intertwines his running persona as a pimp into his acts.

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Katt Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio as the son of a former member of the Black Panther Party. Katt Williams told his parents he was going to emulate his idols such as Bill Cosby, Darnell Allen and Richard Pryor by becoming a comedian.

In 2003, Katt Williams appeared in Nick Cannon's "Gigolo", E40's "One Night Stand" and Ludacris's "Stand-up". In 2004, he contributed to Outkast's "Roses", Suga Free's "Thinkin", and Ludacris's "Pimpin All Over The World". Recent music videos Katt Williams has appeared in include Lil' Kim's "Lighter's Up", Paul Wall's "Girl", E40's "U and Dat", Suga Free's "Thinkin'", Nick Cannon's "Dime Piece", Ice Cube's "Go To Church" ,and Lil Scrappy's "Money in da Bank". Katt Williams has also been present in the music industry. He rapped on The Game's mix tape Ghost Unit. He also rapped with Chamillionaire on his album Mixtape Messiah in the song "Roll Call".