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Although boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr. said his May match up with Oscar De La Hoya would be his last. The champion is back for a Dec. 8 bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, against Ricky Hatton. 'Pretty Boy Floyd', is 38-0 (24 KOs) and the reigning world welterweight champion. He is a six-time world champion in five weight divisions. His decision victory against de la Hoya, is the largest-grossing event in the history of boxing!

Ricky Hatton, is 43-0 (31 KOs) and hails from Manchester, England. He also is a multi-division champion and universally recognized world junior welterweight champion.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tickets

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. (born February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, MI, USA) is a professional boxer. He is undefeated since making his pro debut on October 11, 1996, with a record of 37-0 (24 KOs). Since July 18, 2005, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been rated by The Ring magazine as the number-one pound-for-pound boxer in the world. To date, he has been a 4 time titlist although he has never been undisputed champion in four different weight classes, from Super Featherweight to Welterweight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a member of the Mayweather boxing family. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., is a former welterweight contender and is currently working as a professional boxing trainer. One of his uncles, Jeff Mayweather, is a former IBO super featherweight champion. Another uncle, former two-division world champion Roger Mayweather, is Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s current trainer.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was given the nickname "Pretty Boy" by his amateur teammates because his face never had cuts or bruises after fights - a result of the defensive techniques that his father and uncle had taught him. In his orthodox defensive stance, Floyd Mayweather Jr. - much like James Toney - often utilizes the shoulder roll. The shoulder roll is an old-school boxing technique in which the right hand is held normally or slightly higher than normal, the left hand is down around the midsection, and the lead shoulder is raised high on the cheek in order to cover the chin and block punches. The right hand (from orthodox stance) is used as it normally would be to block punches coming from the other side, such as left hooks. From this stance, Floyd Mayweather Jr. blocks, slips, and deflects most of his opponents' punches, even when cornered, by twisting left and right to the rhythm of their punches.

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