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Edward Scissorhands has been brought from the silver screen to the stage. Based on the film by Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is a gothic fairytale set in an exaggeratedly stereotypical vision of American suburbia that intentionally combines cliches from both the 1950s and late 1980s. Edward Scissorhands has a central theme of the isolated, misunderstood major character, a theme that recurs in much of Burton's work. The musical adaptation of Edward Scissorhands has all of the magic of film and more with the live experience of Edward's struggle as a misunderstood outcast. The production has been brought to life by Tony Award winning choreographer Matthew Bourne and a cast of lively characters.

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Edward Scissorhands Tickets

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Edward Scissorhands is a touching story that follows the experiences of a misunderstood character trying to fit in with society. When the neighborhood Avon lady, Mrs. Peg Boggs fails to make any profits in her neighborhood, she goes to the creepy castle on the hill and meets Edward. Edward is an artificial man whose inventor died before being able to put hands on his creation. Instead Edward has long metal scissor-blades for hands. Mrs. Boggs brings Edward home to her family and thus Edward must adjust to life in the suburbs. He falls in love with Kim Boggs, who is frightened of Edward at first, but grows to love him while everybody else in the neighborhood grows to distrust him because of his dangerous condition, especially her boyfriend Jim whom she eventually splits up with after he abandons Edward when they are almost caught stealing. In the end, Edward and Kim go their separate ways, but a love remains between them.