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Wonderful Town is a musical with lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green and music by Leonard Bernstein. It is based on the play My Sister Eileen, which is itself based on the collection of short stories by Ruth McKenney of the same name.

Wonderful Town follows the story of Ruth and Eileen, who come to New York City from Columbus, Ohio in search of love and fortune. Having premiered in 1953, Wonderful Town has seen only one major Broadway revival in 2003, starring Donna Murphy (and later in the run, Brooke Shields) as Ruth. Join the girls as they sing through "Ohio", "Conga" and other hits with your Wonderful Town Tickets.

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Wonderful Town is based on a collection of short stories by Ruth McKenney, also entitled My Sister Eileen, in which Ruth recounts memories of growing up with her sister. The collection was published as an orange hardcover book in 1938, three years after the events depicted in the musical. Only the final two stories in the book have anything to do with the plot of Wonderful Town, and they are heavily modified for the musical. In the original story, the sisters' landlord is named Mr. Spitzer, while his name is Mr. Appopolous in the musical version. My Sister Eileen has been filmed twice, in 1942 with Rosalind Russell and Janet Blair playing the sisters, and again in 1955 with Betty Garrett and Janet Leigh.

In 1953, the original production was nominated for six Tony Awards and won in all six categories (Best Musical, Rosalind Russell for Best Actress, Best Scenic Design, Best Choreographer, Best Conductor and Musical Director, and the Theatre World Award). The 2003 revival was nominated for six Tony Awards, winning one for Best Choreography (Kathleen Marshall). Despite the critical acclaim it has received, Wonderful Town remains relatively obscure in all but the most knowledgable musical theatre circles. It has gained some popularity from the recent revival, but given its difficult musical score and highly sophisticated script, it is only ever attempted by the most capable community theater groups, much less a high school. However, high schools are using this show as a type 'one-uppance' to their competition, owing to its intricacy.