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Buzzcocks is a British rock music group from Manchester, most famous for their part in the punk boom during the late 1970s. Many of Buzzcocks' singles have had a pop-punk sound, which later influenced later bands such as Green Day. "Ever Fallen in Love?", one of Buzzcocks best-known songs, has been covered by many other artists.

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Buzzcocks were one of the key first generation punk rock bands in the mid to late 1970s. Inspired by the Sex Pistols, the band themselves were an important influence on both the Manchester music scene and the independent label movement. Buzzcocks' trademark sound was a marriage of catchy pop melodies with punk guitar energy, with an unusually tight and skilled rhythm section.

Some of Buzzcocks' most well known singles include "Spiral Scratch", "Ever Fallen in Love?", "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" and "Harmony in My Head".

After recording demos for a fourth album, the group disbanded in 1981, when one of <>Buzzcocks' founders, Pete Shelley, took up a solo career. The group has reformed several times since 1989, featuring original bandmembers, Shelley and Steve Diggle, with other musicians. In 1993, Tony Barber joined on bass and Phil Barker on drums. This line up continued until April 2006, when Phil Barker left and was replaced by Danny Farrant for their European tour.

In March 2006, Buzzcocks released their sixth studio album entitled Flat-Pack Philosophy.