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Motley Crue is an American heavy metal/glam metal band whose members include Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, and is considered one of the most successful American hard rock bands. They have sold 24 million records in the U.S. alone and over 41 million albums worldwide.

Motley Crue has announced that 2015 will be their final year together as a band - don't miss their farewell tour as they visit cities across North America for one final performance!

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Ricky (1)
Their performance in Vancouver on January 24, 2010 did not really meet my expectation although it was still entertaining. Tommy Lee even experienced technical problem with his piano when the band played Home Sweet Home. The band's setlist did not change and only 2 songs from their latest album Saints of Los Angeles played on the stage. It is time for Nikki Sixx to modify their setlist for next shows.
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Motley Crue are often cited by many contemporary artists as an inspiration. Artists such as Green Day, Moby, Murderdolls and Marilyn Manson have praised them in recent years, most notably for Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil. They've also been parodied for their early glam rock look in music videos by a variety of artists.

Besides music, Motley Crue also set the scale for decadant rock and roll behavior. After the release of "The Dirt", the band has been known as one of the most decadant and self-destructive groups in rock music history, if not the most.

Motley Crue got their name when one of the band members walked in and called the group "a motley looking crew". Mick Mars copied the name down on paper, with the original spelling Mottley Krue.

Motley Crue's latest compilation album, Red, White & Crue, was released in February 2005. It features the band members' favorite original songs plus three new tracks, "If I Die Tomorrow", "Sick Love Song" and a cover of The Rolling Stones' classic "Street Fighting Man". The resulting tour itself took many people in the media by surprise by becoming one of the biggest in 2005, grossing $33 million and making it the 8th biggest money maker for the year. The band had to add a second leg of sixty additional dates to meet fan demand.

In 2006, Motley Crue was awarded a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on occasion of their 25th anniversary. They are also touring with Aerosmith on the "Route of All Evil Tour" in the fall. The tour will see them play amphitheatres across North America over a three month period.