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Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN) is a critically and commercially successful American band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988 by Trent Reznor. Reznor is the only constant member of the band, however, his backing band is generally unchanged. Nine Inch Nails' sound has variously been described as alternative, electronica, heavy metal, rock, synth pop and, most commonly, industrial or industrial rock.

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Nine Inch Nails Tickets

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Nine Inch Nails' second full album and third major release was The Downward Spiral, released in 1994. It went quadruple platinum and is often considered by critics to be the band's best work.

Nine Inch Nails' songs cover a range of genres: "The Perfect Drug" has the flavor of drum and bass, "Down in It" influenced by early Skinny Puppy, "Happiness in Slavery" is tinged with industrial metal in the vein of Ministry, "The Frail" is a melancholy piano piece and most of Pretty Hate Machine could be considered dark electronic pop in the style of Depeche Mode.

In fall 2005, Nine Inch Nails launched a North American tour supported by Queens of the Stone Age, as well as Autolux for the first half of the tour followed by Death from Above 1979 during the second half. In early 2006, Nine Inch Nails released the third single from With Teeth, "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" which reached #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Singles chart.