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O.A.R., an acronym for "Of A Revolution", is an American rock band founded in 1996, that consists of Marc Roberge (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Culos (drums), Richard On (lead guitar), Benj Gershman (bass) and Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar). Due to online distribution over campus networks, the group has become a college hit, with many songs relating to the bandmembers' personal lives at Ohio State University.

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O.A.R. has acheived a huge amount of success without any formal marketing or advertising plans about their music. Singles such as "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker", "City on Down" and "Night Shift" spread by word of mouth alone. Their third album, Risen, debuted at #11 on the Billboard top internet sales chart. The following year in 2002, their fourth album, Any Time Now, debuted at #156 on the Billboard Top 200 list. O.A.R. attributes much of its popularity to the taping and subsequent trading and downloading of their live shows.

On January 14, 2006, O.A.R. reached a new peak of popularity by drawing roughly 17,000 fans and selling out New York City's famed Madison Square Garden, which earned them a review in the NY Times. O.A.R continues to grow in popularity with their music videos for "Love and Memories" and "Lay Down" being featured on VH1 and MTV respectively. O.A.R. also has tour dates scheduled with the Dave Matthews Band and Jack's Mannequin.