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OK Go is an American rock band from Chicago and Washington D.C., best known for their singles "Get Over It", "A Million Ways" and "Here it Goes Again". They are also famous for their eccentric music videos.

OK Go served as the house band for public radio program This American Life on the show's fifth anniversary tour. Ira Glass, the show's host, wrote their first official bio, calling them "living catnip" and describing their songs as "part indie rock, part stadium rock, part straight up pop with the occasional whiff of Weezer or The Cars or Elliott Smith". Band members include Damian Kulash (vocals, guitar), Tim Nordwind (bass), Dan Konopka (drums) and Andy Ross (keyboards, guitar).

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OK Go released their self-titled debut album in 2002 after their exposure on This American Life and their relationship with the band They Might Be Giants. In the United Kingdom, "Get Over It" debuted at #24 in the singles chart in March 2003, and OK Go performed it on that week's edition of Top of the Pops. Also that week, the single's video was named video of the week by Q magazine. The single was also featured in the EA Sports video games Triple Play Baseball 2002 and Madden NFL 2003.

OK Go's second record, Oh No, was recorded in Malmo, Sweden and produced by Tore Johansson in the fall of 2004. Released in August 2005, it gained popularity for its first single, "A Million Ways", thanks in large part to its video, which proved to be a viral internet sensation in the fall of 2005. The ultra-low budget, one-take video featured OK Go in their back yard performing a dance choreographed by lead singer Damian Kulash's sister, Trish Sie. Using a camera borrowed from a friend, the video was produced for under ten dollars and was apparently released without the knowledge or consent of their label, Capitol Records (a low budget video would however leave more money to be spent on publicity). This low cost video follows similar fashion as in Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" video, directed by Spike Jonze. By August 2006, the video had become the most downloaded music video ever with over 9 million downloads.

OK Go are influenced by artists like Cheap Trick, Raspberries, T. Rex and Queen.