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Cobra Starship is the side project of Midtown's bassist Gabe Saporta. The members of Cobra Starship are Gabe Saporta, Elisa Schwartz, Ryland Blackinton, Alex Suarez and Nate Navarro. Ryland and Alex have their own band called The Ivy League. Prior to joining the band, Nate worked as a drum tech for the bands Hidden In Plain View and Armor for Sleep.

Cobra Starship's song, "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)", was featured on Snakes On A Plane: The Album, released on August 15, 2006. The video for the song included a cameo of Fall Out Boy member, Pete Wentz.

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Cobra Starship's founder, Gabe Saporta, has offered several reasons for the band's name. In an interview, he offered that the project's name came from a jacket he had with the word "Cobra" on it and from another jacket he had that said "Starship Disco". Another magazine reported, however, that the name is a play on Jefferson Starship's band name.