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Radiohead are a British alternative rock band from Oxford and nearby Abingdon. They are regarded as being among the most fearlessly creative and popular bands of their era. In general, their music is more complex than that of other pop musicians, incorporating a wide range of influences across genres and time periods.

The group released their ninth and most recent album, A Moon Shaped Pool, in May 2016. The group will be touring North American arenas in the summer of 2018.

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Incredible Sound, Soaking Wet

Jennifer (2)
Radiohead is one of my favorite bands and they did not disappoint, aside from the fact that they did not play Creep. They played a long set, which was both good and bad considering it was pouring rain and we were soaked to the core. The sound was worth the weather-related discomfort!
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Early influences include The Beatles, Cardiacs, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Joy Division, Pixies, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, U2, Jeff Buckley, Big Star, King Crimson, Roxy Music, REM, Queen, Nirvana and the Jam, among others.

Some fans assume the band to be the natural inheritors of the mantle of REM, Pink Floyd or even The Beatles. Reportedly, members of these bands cited Radiohead numerous times as one of the greatest modern rock bands. Examples include Michael Stipe, who is a great fan of the band's work, and Paul McCartney, who lists them as one of his favourite acts.