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Bill Engvall (born 27 July 1957 in Galveston, Texas) is an American comedian best known for his work as a stand-up, and as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy group. His trademark is his ongoing "Here's Your Sign" routine.

Starting his career on the Television show Designing Women, Bill Engvall hit his big break when he went on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. From there, he won the American Comedy Awards Comic of the Year, which landed him a role on the short-lived television show Delta Burke. Bill Engvall has produced his own comedy albums and toured extensively ever since.

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Bill Engvall's career toiled in relative obscurity until he turned his most famous routine, "Here's Your Sign", into a song by country music star Travis Tritt. The song was a hit, catapulting Bill Engvall to comedic stardom. More recently, he recorded a Comedy Central special and starred with fellow comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White in the hit redneck-themed stand-up movie Blue Collar Comedy Tour (as well as its sequels and spin-off TV show). The Blue Collar group has been called the redneck Rat Pack. Foxworthy is both the leader and most famous of the group, like the Rat Pack's Frank Sinatra. Bill Engvall equates to Dean Martin, since he is the best friend of the leader, and is arguably the second-most famous member of the group.