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Don't miss a single pitch from the 109th World Series taking place on October 23-31, 2013! The American and National League champions of Major League Baseball - the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox - square off in a best-of-seven series for the chance of being crowned World Champions. Witness the making of another chapter baseball history as the season culminates to its thrilling conclusion.

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 World Series Tickets

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History of the World Series:

The World Series began over 100 years ago when the National League challenged the new American League to a series of games. The winning team of this series would then be declared the best baseball team in the world. Since that very first set of games, the World Series has entertained millions of ballfans and inspired generations of budding young players with Major League dreams. Throughout the history of the World Series, the game has always been the same. Whether it's the days of being crowded around an old transistor radio, black and white television or even a projector screen in a sports bar, the World Series is all about athletics and amazing competition.

Multiple champions: New York Yankees (26); Philadelphia-Oakland A's and St. Louis Cardinals (9); Boston Red Sox and Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers (6); Cincinnati Reds, New York-San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates (5); Detroit Tigers (4); Baltimore Orioles, Boston-Milwaukee-Atlanta Braves and Washington Senators-Minnesota Twins (3); Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Florida Marlins, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays (2).

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